Video - Capri - 1 minute 23

Text Malaparte "skin" read by Eleanor Briganti

January 2011 - production "la chambre jaune/LM"

Meetings of Zarathustra Are the dreams of a world
already or are they images of the world?

The story of Zarathustra is constructed around his encounters which
and his world. Nietzsche, by multiple speech

discern the ways available to men. Forms always present

fighting: those that attract us to the land and those that we are talking. I chose to build the image of this crossing,

combining the intimate theater jokes of children with multiple images of metaphors which are our freedoms and their passages.

The adventure is lonely and writing is composed around power.

It is not in a causal relationship but consists

through independent figures. The writing does not find its strength
a narrative but in the juxtaposition of film and image.


At the invitation of the association "is it good news"

and Veronica and Christian Barani - creation and presentation of this series

12 films of 12 minutes - "From the vision and the riddle"

presented for the first time in the space LU of Nantes in May 2007.

De la vision et de l’énigme...

Vues de Naples

Views of Naples - 5 minutes

Eleanor Briganti

January 2011 - production"la chambre jaune/LM"



Soliloquy - 10 minutes - dumb

2002 - Paris

Building a sentence has been the canvas of the film. The words are organized as the beginning of a story, where we put the dedications and where the first sentence gives the intention. The actions contained in this film are drawn as before those games where the style produced more sense than the action itself. Often during this shoot, I thought the gesture of Saint Francis, who symbolically to sign his spiritual commitmentput on a blue dress against a dark cast-offs.

The vision and the riddle

film number 6 to 12 minutes - 2007

The vision and the riddle

film number 12 to 12 minutes - 2007


Hyperion - 3 minutes - dumb

2002 - Paris

"But my soul, in this annihilation, collected all his forces to retain the friend who was leaving,

and my arms were held out to him involuntarily, "Woe, woe!" I cried

but I heard only the boat,

the muffled echo of farewell "


Autour des poissons morts

The natures of living patrickandrédepuis1966

set of 20 videos -

still life / last dance - March 2000

A view here:

"Bad subject" and "Happy Birthday".


Patterns or instruments, fish undergo metamorphosis that the artist poses

as so many acts. These are his hands,

his feet, his chest, mouth, voice,

the work of the fragmented body visible but small reanimates dead.

Performance / installation

Lieu Unique in Nantes.

Three films released together on six screens -

12 interventions in public - May 2007

«est-ce une bonne nouvelle»

Installation - LU