"See Naples" is a duo whose relationship is built around a board red used as a media abstract

its identity is transformed according to our customs and images crossings:

it turns territory, landscape, table, weight sharing,

flag, issue of balance, screen, dress ...

From this object, and we let our visions arise

of the city in a time not narrative.

Our practice of Naples, a question emerged:

how to share the "public thing"?

The concept of republic as reference organization and haunts this project: how to negotiate the relationship of man to the common law?

Being in Naples, is reconsidering our own way of living together, measure the issues of balance that this is, and that, within

of a European city. Around this board red, metaphor for what might be called our "common good", we negotiate transfers

weight, balance and trade, which based the possibility of coexistence.


Voir Naples

"See Naples"

Duo 30 minutes.

Production: the pilot /

  the Yellow Room / LM

Support: General Council of the Gard - French Institute of Naples

Architecture made in dance

Gérard Mayen - mouvement

"In a place on earth, Christine Jouve, choreographer, and Patrickandrédepuis1966, visual artist, orchestrate the idea of architecture.

Is a frame line energies, suspending its reasons sober

in space. A piece of great integrity. "

Une place sur la terre

In June 2009, we were met by research residency at the French Institute of Istanbul. We presented the materials that are now the basis of work that is formatted in September 09 to choreographic center of Montpellier.

"We won in our cases the diversity of marble, the telluric force of the place, his belly and his ark, his gold-plated, its emptiness, its appeal to the earth, its dual orientation. "

This is a form that crosses dance, drawing and architecture.

Six performers forming a choir develop a floor plan drawing with charcoal to create a mobile on which always come s'incérer other plans architected and dance.

We work with the usual materials of construction: wood, stone, gold, chalk etc ...

This is a choral piece where the body of the building is constructed in a continuous motion as a physical work. We meet with the gestures and incidence figures of humanity at work.

Distribution :

Production : la veilleuse

Coproduction : le Cratère Scène

Nationale d’Alès, 

Centre Chorégraphique National

de Montpellier (ReRc)

Soutiens : conseil général du Gard,

conseil régional du Languedoc-Roussillon, Institut français d’Istanbul,

DRAC Languedoc-Roussillon.

Création : 4 mai 2010 au

Cratère Scène nationale d’Alès

Durée moyenne du spectacle :

 environ une heure dix

Danseurs : Anne Laurent, Antonia Pons-Capo, Rachel Benitah, Christine Jouve, patrickandrédepuis1966, Marc Vincent.

Lumière : Nicolas Guellier

Son : Alice Normand

«Voir Naples»

Paris - décembre 2011

photographies : Ch. Barani