un ultime discours : On the occasion of the opening of the great theater of Fresnoy in June 1998, I read all the dictionary words "Robert" - about 60,000 words.

Duration of action: 27 hours.

Each word was crossed out and all of the action recorded and erased.

*a final speech

Action completed in Fresnoy in March 1998: I decide to get rid
of all my goods.

I empty my apartment and includes all my items in about 500 packets.

The set is presented for three days on a large table in the nave of Fresnoy.

Packages and letters are sent to 500 people.

When mail arrives to retrieve packages, I play tennis alone against the wall
of the small nave.

*a defeat

A poet of the twelfth century, one day, declared that paradise
on earth was eating a banana in the shadow of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.

On April 28, 1998, patrickandrédepuis1966 went there.

*a paradise on earth

Une défaite*

Un ultime discours*

un paradis sur terre*

Le sommeil d’un

célibataire mis à nu*

"The fat, skin and blood of forty-five chickens were sacrificed in the ritual that transforms a rag-trivial in a dream a dark magician, no good is not enough to delight in his narrow bed the prince born under these rags the beast. "

Excerpt from article by Anne-Violaine Taconet

The sleep of a single bare

The Crédac - new clues Le Fresnoy - 1999

performance from 18 to 23 hours.

Le potlatch-dérive

As part of the "potlatch-drift" orchestrated by Mathilde Monnier at the dance center of Montpellier,

100 cans of food ingested and vomited were given.

Installation in the basement dance center.

June 2000

Potlach-dérive Choreographic Centre of Tours. Firing by

Mathilde Monnier and Daniel Larrieu.

June 2000

Mille mouchoirs perdus*

patrickandrédepuis1966 dropped handkerchiefs miles in the fall of 2005. Embroidered in the shade of a summer, all numbered, they are the letters (embroidered) the word "enjoy" -

The handkerchiefs are standard white paper.

*Thousand handkerchiefs lost

*The sleep of a single exposed